Lead Vocals

Nashville Recording Artist Kyle Bourgault is from Eagle Mills, NY and has been singing country music for over 20 years. As an early teenager, his parents would throw neighborhood parties with many people attending, one of which was a female country singer, picker, and yodeler, which is where his love for country music began. Although from upstate NY, Kyle resided in Douglasville, GA in the early 90's where his love for country music was revitalized. Kyle’s influences include the early 90's era of country music; Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, George Strait and many others, as well as the older generation he grew up listening to. 

In October 2015, Kyle recorded an EP of three original songs in Nashville, produced by Eddie Kilgallon of the highly decorated country band Montgomery Gentry. Music for Kyle's songs, "Better Every Beer," written by country artist Billy Wayne Yates, and Byron Hill, "Little Red Dress," written by Kevin Mason, Terry Clayton, and Brett James, and "Absofreakinlutely," written by country singer, songwriter, musician and producer Jeff Dayton, were all recorded at Beaird Music Group located in Nashville, TN with top quality studio musicians. Lead and background vocals were recorded at Off the Row Studio in Franklin, TN. 

In September of 2016, Kyle returned to Nashville and recorded another six original songs, again produced by Eddie Kilgallon and recorded at Beaird Music Group (Lead vocals for four of the songs were recorded at there as well).  Pat Lassiter Production (Riverfront Recording Studio), captured the other two lead vocals and all background vocals.  These six songs were written by top quality Nashville songwriters as well, including Gary Hannan, Lance Carpenter, Eddie Kilgallon, and Eddie Montgomery (Montgomery Gentry).  


Kyle returned from Nashville and is now promoting his nine song CD, “Absofreakinlutely’, alongside some of the best musicians in the Capital District (The Kyle Bourgault Band).  You can find Kyle’s releases on ITunes, as well as other music sites including; Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube and iheartradio (to name a few).  You can purchase his CD by coming out to a show and you may even catch his songs on local radio 100.9 The Cat, Froggy 100.3 or WVCR 88.3 The Saint, thanks to their support.


Keyboards/Background Vocals


Paul has been a musician for most of his life, and for him, Music Is Life! Beginning with a passion for the piano and taking off from there, it's been a most wonderful journey.

Paul has had the honor of playing with a great many bands and a great many more musicians over the years, having had the privilege of a widely varied musical experience that took him everywhere from studios to stages both here & abroad…

Paul is very happy to welcome The Kyle Bourgault Band to his long list of musical ventures, with great anticipation.                                     



Stephen Seney is a high energy drummer from Troy, New York. Stephen’s enthusiasm and excitement for his playing are a sight to see.


Stephen’s musical influences include an eclectic array of everything from Progressive Rock to Pop and everything in between. It is because of this mix of high energy musical influences that Stephen plays with a heavy emphasis on laying down a strong rhythmic foundation for the others players to build upon.

Stephen has enjoyed success in a variety of original and cover bands over the years spanning many different genres of music.


As a late teenager Stephen auditioned for and was selected as the drummer for the very  popular and successful Albany based band Mambo-X. Mambo-X enjoyed a great deal of success in the College music scene, playing at the biggest clubs in the northeast (CBGB’s, TT the Bears…) and opening for some of the top bands in the College music scene at  the time, including 10,000 Maniacs among many others. Mambo-X released original albums which received critical acclaim and national radio AirPlay. 


Stephen has also been the drummer for the band 3FOUR3 since it’s formation in the late 90’s. 3FOUR3 has released albums of original music that have earned them performances at some of the top clubs in NYC as well as the opening act for pop music icon Eddie Money. 


Additionally, Stephen has played in a number of cover and original bands that have taken him up and down the east coast playing at some of the most exciting venues. 


Stephen is overjoyed to have been selected as a member of the Kyle Bourgault Band! The strength of this music and the extraordinary musicianship within this band are unrivaled. Stephen’s excitement and exhilaration for the future of the Kyle Bourgault Band are surpassed only by his confidence that even the most critical of country music lovers will find themselves coming back for more.


Rhythm Guitar/Background Vocals

Eric Hoffman, originally from Washington, D.C., is a singer songwriter currently residing in Averill Park New York . Eric has been writing and recording music from an early age, in an array of different bands ranging from Indie Rock, Pop, Rock and eventually Country . Eric was the lead singer for the very popular Troy band 3 Four 3 . Eric studied at SUNY Oneonta and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. Eric was given a great opportunity to intern at VH1 studios in New York City, and was introduced to the likes of Rod Stewart , Coldplay, REM , and Paul McCartney. After college, Eric played up and down East Coast with the band Jaded Gate from New Paltz, NY, and played frequently at the famous Chance Theatre in Poughkeepsie. Eric has opened up for bands such as Chevelle, The Lost Prophets and Josh Eppards “3” ( drummer of Coheed and Cambria) . After moving back to Albany, Eric played percussion for a local indie band before getting the nod to play with The Kyle Bourgault Band .


Lead Guitar/Background Vocals

Russ Harnish is a native of Albany, NY and has been playing guitar and singing live since he was fifteen years old in the mid-1980's. His influences growing up were bands like AC/DC, Rush, and Judas Priest to which he would listen to and learn all of the guitar riffs and solos from.  Since then, Russ has expanded his repertoire and has performed in pop, classic rock, and modern metal bands where he has played at legendary venues throughout the Northeast and opened for national recording artists.  As a member of the Kyle Bourgault Band, Russ now enjoys the challenge of playing country lead guitar and contributing as a major part in the harmony vocals that are critical to this band's sound.


Bass Guitar/Background Vocals

Tom Hoffman has been a staple in the Capital Region music scene for over 30 years.  In addition to performing with local groups who toured all of the major Capital District venues, Tom was also a founding member of 3 FOUR 3, a band whose original music was featured on local radio stations and played live at prestigious New York City venues including CBGB's and other places in Greenwich Village.  The band was also selected to open for Eddie Money where they were able to perform in front of thousands of fans.  Tom is well known for his excellent ear where he can effectively and easily fill in the perfect bass notes and background vocals for a song which classifies him as a "natural" musician.  Tom is very happy to be a part of KBB and is looking forward to the band becoming a major force in country music

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